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Low-fat, low-sugar, lemony and…lovely?

I’m writing this to the soul-destroying background of Emmerdale, which will be followed by a torturous visit to Coronation Street.

This can mean only one thing; my darling motherbear is visiting. She’s also a recently-diagnosed diabetic, which posed an interesting challenge to a bake-aholic who likes nothing more than to welcome guests with a (large) slab of sugar-laden cake.

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Pretty little cheesecakes

I like my cheesecakes two at a time…

As wibbly and wonderful as they are, I don’t often make cheesecake. Why, you might ask? I’ll tell you why.

Don’t pretend you wouldn’t…

Because the cheesecakes I make for two people usually serve around 18 very hungry people and contain the same amount of calories as a whole hog roast. An hour down the line I can invariably be found guiltily checking my post-cheesecake-stuffed face in the back of a spoon to see if I’ve instantly ballooned.

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Get your five-(cakes)-a-day

I love cake. I love baking it, eating it, sharing it with friends and loved-ones, trying to be better at making it, and trying to making people smile with it.

But, like a tumultuous literary love story,  my affair with cake is dangerous. I pore, obsessively, over cookbooks, agonising at what to bake – which springy sponge will bring me closer to baking perfection. Essentially, I try to find the Platonic form of the cupcake.  I bake. And then – inevitably – I eat.

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