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Custard tart and mini baked lemon custard pots

If you caught my last post on the kindness of strangers, you may remember that – before a remarkable series of events took place – it was originally destined to be about custard tarts.

I just couldn’t not share these beauties with you.

The custard tart was one of the bakes on my Bake List  – though I’ve probably already mentally added about 30 things and removed others by this stage. It’s something I’ve loved to eat since I was a little girl, but had never made myself.

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The Bake List no. 1: Tarte au Citron

When I first saw The Great British Bake Off advertised last year, I almost burst with excitement. My new-found obsession with baking meant I watched in awe every week,  simultaneously wishing I was competing and realising I was nowhere near good enough.

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