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Pudsey Bear Orange Blossom Cupcakes

Those who know me will know that by day, I work in fundraising, and by night I’m a baking fiend. Most fundraisers will tell you they rarely leave their fundraising hat at the door, and I for one love nothing more than a chance to bring these two passions together for a good cause. This week, that cause is Children in Need.

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Happy halloween! Gluten-Free Spiced Pumpkin Cupcakes

Like many of you, this weekend my kitchen contained a pumpkin. Unlike many of you, I felt mine was just too precious to carve, so I did what comes naturally to me. I turned it into CAKE. Cupcakes to be precise – gorgeously light, subtly spiced, gluten-free ones.

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Cor limey! Coconut and lime cupcakes

Limes are just glorious, aren’t they? They’re so versatile. They can go with almost every drink under the sun, with fruit, with vegetables, with meat or fish. They seem to have a wonderful knack of making you feel a little bit livelier and of bringing the sunsine with them.

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