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Back to baking: sweet potato chocolate cake

It’s been quite some time since I last posted here, and indeed, quite some time since I last baked. The past few months have been a bit of a blur; my relationship of almost six years came to an end, I moved house, and seem to have spent most of my spare time since organising my new flat and toasting to the next chapter of my life with my wonderful friends.

At times of stress or trauma, it seems natural to retreat to self-preservation mode, living day-to-day and focusing on the basics of feeding yourself, general life-admin (mainly consisting of desperate attempts to get through the bottomless pit of laundry without the aid of a tumble dryer and phonecalls to utility companies), and work.

But living like this does little to inspire creativity, happiness, or wellbeing. I’ve found myself craving a return to the more well-rounded me, and a big part of that is tied up with baking and writing; the great satisfaction of creating something from scratch. Whether a piece of prose, or a slice of cake – to create, share, and enjoy, I’ve realised, is fundamental to my happiness.

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Spiced Apple Cake with Cinnamon Buttercream

You may have noticed something of a recurring theme on the blog recently – apples!

I’ve gone a little apple crazy. And thats because everywhere I look, there are lovely, juicy, tangy specimens of all shapes and sizes, just begging to be celebrated. Every house in my street seems to have an offering on their front wall, free to a good home, before the last of the crop falls from the tree and goes to waste among auburn leaves.

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How do you like them apples? Apple Hazelnut Crumble Cake

There’s an apple tree in my garden, looking a little neglected and wistfully shedding its fruit on to the grass. I share my garden with the other residents in our little block of flats and there don’t seem to be many takers of the small, rough-around-the-edges, apples it has to offer. But I’m a little rough around the edges too and I hate to think of them going to waste, so I added ‘think of lots of things to do with a glut of apples’ to my ever-expanding to-do list.

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