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A fond farewell to beautiful Bristol

I remember the day I fell in love with Bristol.

I was 17 and my dad and I had flown down for the day to scope out the city and the University. We found ourselves wandering aimlessly around this brand new place;  swallowed up by beautiful architecture, meandering around bustling streets filled with friendly-faced people, gazing at up at the blue sky punctuated by momuments and towers, and admiring the green, open spaces lined with students and families dining al-fresco and lapping up the sunshine.

It truly was love at first sight.

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Meat and Sequins

Anyone who knows me will know that food is a big part of my life – which is why my constituent parts are perhaps a little bigger than they should be.

So when I spotted the chance to volunteer at Bristol’s very own barbecue festival, Grillstock,  during the same weekend as St. Paul’s carnival, you can hardly blame me for grabbing it with both hands and turning my weekend into a full-blown meat feast. With a side of coleslaw.

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