About me



I’m Laura – a twenty-something charity worker living in London with my DJ / Producer boyfriend, James. For years, I’ve struggled to balance fun with all things health and let life get in the way of taking good care of myself.

I also feel like I’ve spent most of my twenties panicking that I’m somehow not doing life ‘right’ – wondering how so many other people seem to achieve so much and yet feeling regularly stressed and burned out. I figure, we’re probably all in the same ridiculous boat, all looking around on social media and at our friends / acquaintances / online heroes’ representations of their lives and feeling inadequate. So….I thought I’d try to stop doing so much looking outward, and start doing a little more looking inward to see if that helps.

This blog is here to capture my experiments in health, wellbeing, self-love and…..figuring shit out.

I’m not trying to find enlightenment, fame, a new career in writing or even a profound love of exercise (nice as that would be). I’m just trying to find my fit. 

You can also find me on Twitter or Instagram.

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